We are improving literacy, starting in Sierra Leone through our Help Build A School Initiative.

With a literacy rate of only 43.21%, Sierra Leone ranks in the lowest ten countries in the world with regard to literacy rate.

The world bank has also identified inadequate rural education as being a main driver of poverty in Sierra Leone and other third world countries.

"Communities with educated people are more prepared for development... and they prefer to participate in activities that benefits them directly as individuals." 

                          - DANIEL PASTOR & PROJECT LEAD

With your help to build schools and improve education, we see the newly educated

  • access more opportunities for greater development.
  • provide more care for their families.
  • help children in their communities to improve in their own abilities.

Heart for All Nations' development activities in remote communities benefits the whole community, helping both the educated and uneducated...

Heart for All Nations is a registered 501(c)(3) US-Non Profit and your Donations are Tax Deductible.